Interchange Brokerage Co. - Our Story

For more than a decade, our founders have watched Merchant Service Providers (MSP's) utilize Interchange Compliance to pad their profit margins. In that time they made a startling realization about the credit card processing industry.

MSP's acquire new clients with the promise of lower costs and better service, but that promise is in direct conflict with the organizations' revenue objectives.

The more an MSP actually helps lower costs for a merchant, the less the MSP profits. Therefore, MSP's must operate on the following mantra:

How little do I have to give up in order to acquire a merchant, and how high/how fast can I raise the costs without losing clients?

Every April and October MasterCard and Visa make adjustments to the Interchange Rates. When they do, MSP's develop new campaigns that leverage the rules to their advantage. Either to get more profit from their current merchants, acquire new merchants, or both. All too often merchants switch with the hope of lower costs and better service, only to find that once they go through the pain of switching, service levels go down and costs go up.

It's not a coincidence. It's by design. And, it is exactly why our company was formed.

Late in the third quarter of 2007, we made the decision to sell our interest in a highly successful ISO, and create a new kind of company. One whose revenues are predicated on savings that can be realized, measured and managed.

On January 3, 2008, The Interchange Brokerage Company (IBC) opened its doors. Founded for the express purpose of reducing the core processing costs for Merchants, IBC has a value proposition like no other:

Savings without Change or Effort

Today, over a year and a half later, IBC has eliminated millions of dollars of unnecessary costs for its rapidly growing client base. And, with billions in inflated prices from MSP's , we have a long way to go in our fight to "Protect Your Interests."

"Thanks Interchange Brokerage Company. You have delivered.Your people are top notch and you have saved my Ford store money. Just want you to know that I presented your program to my Twenty Group. You can expect a call from some of my fellow NADA Group members."

Chad - A Grateful Ford Dealer