Are there profits hidden in your dumpster?

Waste ReductionWhat Do You Mean By 'Profits' Hidden In My Dumpster?

Most business owners or managers believe that their waste and recycling programs are cost effective as they exist. But, in reality, we are able to recover savings for more than 9 out of 10 businesses that we consult with. And the average savings we recover is 40%!

I'll Bet You Charge A Hefty Fee For Your Services - Don't You?

NO. This is the best part of this process. You do not pay anything unless we find some savings. You do not pay one penny for our analysis and our recommendations. You pay nothing unless we produce a direct refund, credit, or savings in your waste and recycling services. There is NO RISK on your part. We do all the work and you reap the savings.

Are You Another One Of Those Waste Haulers That Just Wants My Contract?

No. We are Solid Waste and Recycling Consultants. In fact, we usually save money for our clients by renegotiating their existing contract with their current waste hauler. We do have waste haulers that we can recommend, but WE are not Waste Haulers.

Join the hundreds of businesses that are saving thousands - even TEN$ of thousands of dollars by allowing us to review YOUR waste hauling contract.

WASTE REDUCTION TEAM has been 'finding' lost money in waste hauling and recycling contracts for over 10 years. Since fees are based solely on our performance, you can rest assured we work hard to deliver big!


Julie - Garden City Hospital
Eight years ago we were introduced to the services provided by Waste Reduction Team. After engaging with them, they quickly developed strategies that reduced our cost by more than 25%. And they kept our cost down ever since then.

Hal N - Neiman's Family Market
Waste Reduction Team had significant and positive impact on our P&L for all four of our stores. Our bottom line was improved by $1,700 per month. And they did all the work.

Wayne - Hollingsworth Logistics
Waste Reduction Team has been our waste and recycling specialist for 10 years. It amazes me that they continue to find ways to reduce our cost and improve our rebate. This team is on the ball. We are very lucky to have them as a resource.