Almost 75% of Utility Bills have errors that may result in refunds and reductions.

Energy ReductionBusinesses can qualify for both a energy REFUND as well as an energy REDUCTION program.

Our refund program consists of recovering the errors over the past 3 years from your Utility bills and can be very, very substantial.

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Kathy, Fiber Energy Products
Stan Kowalik with UR Company reached out to me about a possible refund. Always happy to be able to get some money back, and knowing we couldn't lose since they don't charge unless there is a refund, we decided to give it a try. Last week we received our refund in excess of $25,000 with great pleasure. Stan was very professional to work with and we were very happy with the results. We would definitely recommend this opportunity to others.

Judy, Flamingo Lake RV
When first contacted by Mike Yusko from UR Company we were skeptical. However we did take a chance and have them use their expertise to see if they could find errors. Well did they ever, to a tune of just shy of $10,000 of which we received a full refund. I would recommend Mike Yusko and UR company to ensure you are not overpaying for utility services.

Marv, Franklin University
I strongly recommend you take advantage of the services offered by UR Company. I am very glad that we did. Not only did URC present its methodology in a clear manner, but their expertise helped us achieve highly successful results - a net refund of over $40,000.

Mikell, Sportsman Park RV Community
I was initially contacted by Stan Kowalik in Feb. I sent in 1 months copy of my utility bills for a review. Needless to say I was so HAPPY that I did. In April we received a refund for approximately $8,000. Stan and URC was a pleasure to work with, very responsive and professional. I would definitely take the time to work with them. It could mean significant dollars in your pocket.

Ron, Skyine Cleaners
Mike and URC went to work on my gas and electric bills and I was given a refund of over $2,500.00 within the first month. I would recommend URC's service to any small and/or large business trying to get the most out of their money.

Ruthie, Yogi Bear RV Park
This is a letter in reference to my recent experience with the service of Stan Kowalik, at UR Company. He reached out to us and we were skeptical at first. However, after summiting 3 months of our utility bills, we received notice that we were owed a refund of more than $12,000. This amount is only the electrical portion and were still looking forward to receiving a refund on our gas bills. I strongly recommend anyone who has concerns regarding their utility bills to give this a try. You have nothing to lose but there is a great potential for gain. If UR Company finds no refund owed, you pay nothing! In our experience, it paid off big and I'll gladly speak with anyone regarding our experience.

Maury, St. Marks Episcopal Church
Thank you! UR Company was successful in obtaining a sizeable refund of charges on our utility bills in spite of my original reluctance. As probably with most of your customers, we hesitated after your original contact, thinking there must be something more to this than meets the eye. But, you did what you said you would do, and we are highly pleased to be working with you. Please feel free to use us for a reference should you wish.

Greg, Jacaranda Trace Retirement Community
It was hard to imagine that there could an error in our utility billings, as we track these metrics religiously. However to our good fortune during URC's review. URC uncovered a $43,000 billing error. Working with URC was a worthwhile experience that took little effort, yet produced substantial savings for our company.